Garlic Scape Paste

The Garlic Scape Paste is ready and it’s absolutely delicious. We blend the spring shoots of the garlic plant with a little salt and organic olive oil into a delicious, flavorful,  zesty paste. It’s great to spread on sandwiches, spice up a fried egg, top off meat or fish, or add it to a salad dressing of oil and vinegar. The pesto is always a hit in the city featuring seasonal varieties like Kale Walnut, Asian Greens, Basil, Swiss Chard, and Wild Greens Pesto. However, the Garlic Scape Paste is an absolute fan favorite.  We get requests for it all season and some of our customers buy a bunch to freeze for use throughout the year. We’re at Union Square every Wednesday and Saturday if you’d like to stop by. We’re also open at the farm in New Paltz every Saturday from 10am-3pm.