Waking Dreams

Our truest life is when we are in dreams, awake. – Henry David Thoureau

I had a dream.  It was of a few of us twee farmers walking the property and I stumbled upon a beautiful structure that we had some how not seen before.  Even though it was just a few feet behind our beloved farm kitchen, no one had known it was there.  The structure had open cathedral ceilings, beaming sun through the windows,  wood floors and the atmosphere of a blissfull meditation hall.  A space of clarity, and peace.  It had a balcony looking toward enormous red rocked, mountains.  This was in our own backyard.  It was incredible.

Waking to the pink morning sky through my window, and the memories of my dream, i was anxious to start the day.  Convinced  the dream was a sign.  With my trust in the land, i was determined to find that hidden ‘building’.  I spent the morning cleaning up around the perennial patch with our volunteers, moving wood, and pruning back.  It was with impulse that i started to cut back this enormous patch of honey suckle and grapevine.  Mostly to get back in the groove of using my loppers, and to finally trim this seemingly neglected area.

It was after an hour of cutting, pulling, and piling that the shapes of an old raised bed could be seen.  And there it was, the hidden spot, just beneath my eyes. A new garden.  It was a beautiful, full sun, dark delicious soil, garden patch.  Lined with large stones.  Right at the entrance of our perennial herb garden. It had been fully grown over by honeysuckle, grapevine, and multi flora rose.  Myself alone passes this spot at least 4 times a day and never thought twice about it.  And there, all along waiting patiently, under the brush was a beautiful, peaceful space ready to come to life once again.

And that is the way it goes here at Tweefontein Herb Farm,  your dreams manifest right before your eyes.  Sometimes you need a little soil, helping hands, or maybe some compost, but most of the time you just have to believe.  For our truest life is when we are in dreams, awake…..



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