This land is magic.

Every day I am reminded that the earth and its’ creatures are wild blessings. I sit on the porch to type my messages to the world with a backdrop of delicate flowers cascading from hanging planters, a variety of vibrant shades of green trees contrast the barns’ deep red in the distance. At my feet lies an adorable pup lounging on weather stained wood and nipping at flies. I rock in the chair to the rhythm of the cicadas and breathe in summer. There are so many treasures here to discover. The new features of the land I notice are usually the oldest, hidden under layers of dust or dirt. You can get lost for hours here. Exploring the attic the other day I swung open the old latched door to allow some relief to the thick, musky air. I ended up laying down an old rug over some broken picture frame glass, and sat there, watching the rain from my tall perch pour over the three dancing pines, Twee Privy, and the chicken coup. The days pass so quickly. It’s hard to believe I’ve been here over four months. I am constantly growing here. I have learned so much and loved so much here. My heartstrings have already woven themselves into the blades of grass here. I have found a blessed home here.

Love and light,



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