Accepting Applications

Tweefontein is accepting applications for the 2014 season. If you or yours are interested please email AC at [email protected] and she will send you over the application. There will be openings for full time worker-owner positions, apprentices, and WWOOFers.

If you know of any happy, healthy, hard-working individuals who are interested in running a cooperative project growing herbs, running a business, attending markets, living in community, and creating healing herbal products please send them our way.

[email protected]



Rooms for Rent at Tweefontein Herb Farm:

Who: Community of Tweefontein Herb Farm seeks individuals/couples interested in community living and a quiet winter retreat- artists, writers, yogis, students, climbers, hikers, cooks, musicians, farmers, avid readers, city dwellers seeking stars…you know.

What: Renting a bedroom (furnished optional) from the big farm house at Tweefontein for $525/month all utilities included. You get your own room and use of the 2 kitchens, fridges, living/music room with piano, dining room, 3 bathrooms (one with a sweet ass bath tub, one with a shower, and a half bath), greenhouse with a wood stove and cushy seating, fire pits and gardens. (No access to the barns and Farm Kitchen). We have a farm cat, Sebene.

Where: The Tweefontein Herb Farm, 4 Jenkins Rd, New Paltz, NY 12561. We’re 3 Miles from downtown New Paltz and a few miles from the Gunks/ Minnewaska (gorgeous winter hiking and ice climbing. You can walk trails from our back yard to Duck Pond)

When: January 1-March 31st. The timing can be flexible regarding if you’d like to stay 1, 2, or 3 all 3 months.

Why: The Tweefontein Herb Farm is a full production business, collectively run by 7 young farmers/entrepreneurs. Some of these farmers are ready to take a well deserved winter break or are moving on to great new ventures leaving some open rooms- for you- to come and enjoy the house while they’re gone. We also are accepting applications for year(s) long member opportunities.

How: email or call 845-522-3907. We will chat.
Highlights: farm, Gunks, climbing, community, bathtub, affordable, retreat, gardens, hiking, peaceful, fire pit, piano

December to Remember

This month is crazy busy month for the farmers at Twee. We are upping the ante to provide our products to as many people as possible before we hibernate for the winter.

Tweefontein is at FOUR New York City markets a week!

Find us at Union Square Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, located by the Christmas Market (a pretty cool thing to check out if you haven’t).

On Sundays we are at the Jackson Heights Queens market (33rd and 78th). We went once due to the hurricane and now we’re back for more, every Sunday. The community at Jackson Heights rocks! Thank you for all of your warm welcomes and appreciation for our hot tea and herbal products. You make us feel at home.

Twee will be attending other holiday fairs such as Frozendale on Saturday December 15th behind the Big Cheese on Main Street, Rosendale.

On December 22nd, a Saturday evening, 5pm-midnight, come check out the Brooklyn Night Bazaar ( a sweet night time market with lots of vendors, art, music, and food. The line up for that event includes Tweefontein Certified Herbalist AnnMarie with her line of Infinite Roots herbal products like teas, spices, and smoking blends, Ustya of Clove Valley farm with her Medicine Garden products like her amazing body creams, AC reppin’ Twee, and Alex of Hugeunot Farm to work the table. Four strong, healing farm women under one tent…hope Brooklyn’s ready for us.


New products this month too!

-Lavender Massage oil, great for relaxation, headache relief, and as a mild perfume.

-Decongestant Rub with eucalyptus, rosemary, and peppermint essential oil that is meant to relieve stuffy noses and congested sinuses by dabbing it on the upper chest or adding it to a pot of hot water to use as a steam.

-Pain Relief Salve
We are especially proud to announce our creation of a Pain Relief Salve, a product many of our customers have requested. The salve is a blend of coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, St. Johnswort , Yarrow, Arnica, Cayenne, and Essential Oil of Clove and Cinnamon, and of course, love. All ingredients are either organic or Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) like all of our products. The Pain Relief Salve is excellent for sore muscles, circulation, joint pain, bruises, and soft tissue repair. It is great for massage. It’s not meant for sensitive skin. It has a subtle scent, so the salve will not be overpowering if you want to use it throughout the day. It has been working great for the Twee farmers and has been selling out at markets so far with repeat customers coming back looking for more.


Tweefontein products can be found locally in the Hudson Valley at:
-Heavenly Scents in the Waterstreet Market, New Paltz, NY
-Health and Nutrition Grocer in the Stop and Shop Plaza, New Paltz, NY
-Benmarl Winery in Marlboro, NY
-and straight from the source of course at Tweefontein Herb Farm, 4 Jenkins Lane, New Paltz, NY.

The farmers at Twee hope that our friends, family, and beloved customers will enjoy this December to Remember. If you miss us at markets this month, don’t worry, we’ll still be on the interwebs and we’ll be back in the spring.


This land is magic.

Every day I am reminded that the earth and its’ creatures are wild blessings. I sit on the porch to type my messages to the world with a backdrop of delicate flowers cascading from hanging planters, a variety of vibrant shades of green trees contrast the barns’ deep red in the distance. At my feet lies an adorable pup lounging on weather stained wood and nipping at flies. I rock in the chair to the rhythm of the cicadas and breathe in summer. There are so many treasures here to discover. The new features of the land I notice are usually the oldest, hidden under layers of dust or dirt. You can get lost for hours here. Exploring the attic the other day I swung open the old latched door to allow some relief to the thick, musky air. I ended up laying down an old rug over some broken picture frame glass, and sat there, watching the rain from my tall perch pour over the three dancing pines, Twee Privy, and the chicken coup. The days pass so quickly. It’s hard to believe I’ve been here over four months. I am constantly growing here. I have learned so much and loved so much here. My heartstrings have already woven themselves into the blades of grass here. I have found a blessed home here.

Love and light,



Activating the Healers: September 2nd Workshop at Twee

Join us on September 2nd at 6pm for this workshop facilitated by traveling activists.

Radicalizing Herbalism and Activating the Healers

Facilitated by Claudia Abbott-Barish and Meghan Murphy

Using popular education, our workshop will cover a brief history of corporate power and how herbal medicinal use has been prevented in the past, barring us from actions of self-sufficiency. We will focus on why cultivating, wild-crafting and teaching about herbs creates new possibilities for us to create more healthy, reciprocal systems (social and economic) in the rest of our lives. This analysis will include examples, past and present, of how people have used herbs and herbal medicine to resist exploitation by those in power. The workshop will end with a dialogue on how to engage around these issues with members of our communities; what methods are inclusive, representative and equitable, and how to collaborate with the most people.

preserving the harvest

It seem like we live in a fixed world of abundance – fresh produce and herbs from our gardens come in everyday. But alas, we have to begin preparing for the fall and winter. This week, a group worked on redoing the solar dehydrator for mass herb drying with no electricity needed. Others made massive batches of sauerkraut and spiced peach jam. Next up… freezing our own greens and more canning.


We are sooooo past spring garlic…

Garlic scapes (the bendy shoots that garlic offers as a springtime gift) are up at Tweefontein. Check out our scape pesto at Union Square Greenmarket in NYC every Wednesday and Saturday!

Just out of curiousity to the stage that our garlic heads are at – here is a cross cut section of our spicy garlic. Can’t wait until those cloves are developed nuggets of aromatic goodness.

Happy scape season!

Forage, or bust.

       April showers bring May flowers; this old adage is on repeat within my head these days. I replay the mantra as I step through mud with green muck-boots, reluctantly lift wet cats caught in a rainstorm or spend a week’s income on a new rain jacket. When the hands are cold and the hair is wet, I repeat it with each stir of piping hot tea, “April showers, April showers, damn April showers”. With only two weeks left until our first market at Union Square Greenmarket, work is rain and shine. Emily has been creating new market signs, Jens has been sowing seeds nearly every day, Sarah has been making bread and cheese to keep our bellies happy and we have recently dubbed Meghan, Queen of Organizational Systems. We bustle about these nine-acres in any weather (April showers) with an ominous and omnipresent clock tick-tick-ticking down to the final hours of May 7th. As I wade in the water, I dream about those little May flowers. I envision them to be yellow, freakishly massive and blissfully hydrated.

        However, as it turns out, I don’t really care about those freaky May flowers. They are beautiful, smell fantastic and bring a bit of cheer to the place, but my interests are invested in other gifts of May. You see, April showers bring May morelsrampsfiddleheadsnettlesasparagusspringgarlic.

        Foragers are licking their chops and stretching their eyes with hopes of finding the morel mother load. Fetching nearly $60/#, there is a small fortune hiding in the woods of the Northeast. My foraging skills are pretty terrible and Marc is convinced that morels run when they see him, but we can’t wait to enter those fruitful woods. Starting around Mothers day, morels, ramps, fiddleheads, nettles, asparagus, spring garlic and many other goodies will be prolific. Word on the dirt-street is that ramps may be on a bit earlier than that.

        As luck would have it, there are great books available which will guide any novice to a patch of May goodies. I have attached a link at the bottom to help push the reluctant towards a delicious lunch of foraged bits. And to make it even more tempting, here is a recipe I make every spring – Pappardelle with Morels, Nettles and Ramps. As the rain comes down, I am asking it to bring up a few more morels instead of those pesky, water-loving flowers. Whether you have dreams of paying your way through Grad-school with your mushroom fortune, or just having a stellar lunch with a few friends, there is food in our back yards patiently waiting for us to discover it. April showers bring May devours…or something.

 Pappardelle with Morels, Nettles and Ramps

For the pasta:

1# All Purpose or “00” Flour
4 Large eggs
2 T freshly milked goat milk*
2 Large pinches of kosher salt
           In a bowl, make a well in the center of the flour. Whisk the eggs and goat milk together in a separate bowl. Pour the wet into the center of the dry and using the spoons that God gave you (your hands) mix the eggs slowly into the flour.
          It will look funky for a good while, but keep kneading it for 10 minutes (5 min in a mixer) or until it is a smooth, heavy, not-dry, not-sticky mass of deliciousness. Wrap in plastic and let sit on your kitchen table for 1 hour.
          Then, unwrap, cut the dough ball into quarters (keeping it wrapped as you go!) and utilize a pasta roller, rolling pin, a drinking glass, metal pipe – anything to roll it to a thin thickness. You should be able to see the shadow of your hand behind the pasta, but use your inner voice to know how thin to make it.
Cut the rolled pasta into 1” wide strips. Toss with flour and store on a floured tray. Save until you are ready to toss in a huge pot of boiling salted water to which you will cook it until al dente.
            *You don’t have to add milk, and any self-respecting Italian would tell you not to, but Marc tried this and I swear, it was some of the best pasta I have ever had in my pasta-loving life. In its place you can use nothing, olive oil or water. Play jazz with it and find your own favorite.

 For the sauce:

Slug of nice tasting olive oil
½ cup of the white and red portion of Ramps, finely chopped
3 heads of spring garlic, finely chopped
2 cups of Morels, quartered
Slug of left over white wine if you have it, or 4Tbsp. of Chicken stock
4 cups of Stinging Nettles, picked from their woody stems and roughly chopped
A bit of chopped tarragon, like 1Tbsp.
A bit of chopped chives, like 1Tbsp.
3 Tbsp of Butter
½ cup of Parmigiano Reggiano, grated on a Microplane
¼ cup of seasoned bread crumbs that you made with old bread…that you made.
             First, heat a sauté pan until you notice it to be a bit warm. Then toss in a slug of olive oil until you notice that to be a bit warm.
            Throw in the ramps and spring garlic. You want these to cook nice and slow with out burning – so watch that fire. Let cook for 2 minutes.
            Toss the morels into the pan and add the wine (away from the flame) or the stock. Add a pinch of salt at this point. Cook for 5 minutes or until the morels are tender and most of the liquid has evaporated. *At this point, your pasta H2O should be boiling and the pasta should go in*
            Add the roughly chopped nettles and stir. The nettles will wilt and start to fill your kitchen with earthy aromas. This is a good sign. Cook until all the nettles are wilted – like your mamma’s Sunday spinach.
Turn off the heat and add in the butter, chopped tarragon and chopped chives.
          Using tongs, transfer your perfectly cooked Pappardelle to the sauté pan and toss. The butter should emulsify with the pasta water. Add half of the cheese and toss again. Letting it all sit for a second should yield a thicker sauce. Top with more cheese and seasoned bread crumbs. Yum.


Waking Dreams

Our truest life is when we are in dreams, awake. – Henry David Thoureau

I had a dream.  It was of a few of us twee farmers walking the property and I stumbled upon a beautiful structure that we had some how not seen before.  Even though it was just a few feet behind our beloved farm kitchen, no one had known it was there.  The structure had open cathedral ceilings, beaming sun through the windows,  wood floors and the atmosphere of a blissfull meditation hall.  A space of clarity, and peace.  It had a balcony looking toward enormous red rocked, mountains.  This was in our own backyard.  It was incredible.

Waking to the pink morning sky through my window, and the memories of my dream, i was anxious to start the day.  Convinced  the dream was a sign.  With my trust in the land, i was determined to find that hidden ‘building’.  I spent the morning cleaning up around the perennial patch with our volunteers, moving wood, and pruning back.  It was with impulse that i started to cut back this enormous patch of honey suckle and grapevine.  Mostly to get back in the groove of using my loppers, and to finally trim this seemingly neglected area.

It was after an hour of cutting, pulling, and piling that the shapes of an old raised bed could be seen.  And there it was, the hidden spot, just beneath my eyes. A new garden.  It was a beautiful, full sun, dark delicious soil, garden patch.  Lined with large stones.  Right at the entrance of our perennial herb garden. It had been fully grown over by honeysuckle, grapevine, and multi flora rose.  Myself alone passes this spot at least 4 times a day and never thought twice about it.  And there, all along waiting patiently, under the brush was a beautiful, peaceful space ready to come to life once again.

And that is the way it goes here at Tweefontein Herb Farm,  your dreams manifest right before your eyes.  Sometimes you need a little soil, helping hands, or maybe some compost, but most of the time you just have to believe.  For our truest life is when we are in dreams, awake…..



Chilly thoughts


While this is the time that the garlic sprouts

It’s still so nice to come inside, warm your feet, and have a cup of tea.

While this is the time that the river floods and it takes an extra 15 minutes to drive to town,

It’s still so nice to see a beautiful change of scenery on the detour.

While this is the time to plan plan plan for the emerging season

It’s still so nice to stop, smile within, and enjoy the expression of this day.


Our First Seedlings Emerge!

It may only be the end of February but our anticipation and excitement for Spring and the new market season is high.

We got our germination chamber and seed table in action this week.  These are a few of our brave Kale sprouts.

Honest Fare likes our Sorbet

Our friend Gabi came to visit, she wrote about our chamomile honey sorbet on her food blog honest fare.

Thanksgiving at Twee!

Hibernation and Growth as Winter Ascends

This morning I ran a bag of left over wilted salad greens over to the chickens.  Not having a pair of shoes around, I decided to take the two-minute walk across the cold earth barefoot.  Frost was still visible, and as I emptied the bag to curious chickens and ran back to the house, my feet landed on frozen earth.  Soil, grass, leaves and twigs, cold to the touch and hard underneath my sensitive soles.  The notion that the earth is frozen- that plants are sleeping, and animals are as well, that seeds are suspended until a warmer time, hit me at once, as my feet stung with cold as I entered the warm farm house.

We are all busy at the farm, preparing for winter and the future promise of a warmer spring.  While the call to hibernate, to eat delicious, filling warm, meals, to sleep when the sun descends and spend our days crafting and cultivating ideas for the next season, is present there is still growth to be seen on the farm every day.

Our animal experience at the farm has expanded, as we joyfully accepted the addition of three goats, two of which are milking already, and the third is a little happy companion.  There is Pandora, Audrey and Bilba -pictures are soon to come!  This is in addition to our flock of 25 chickens, two beehives, our two farm dogs and two farm cats.  Milking twice a day is an adjustment of lifestyle, one of which the rhythm takes some time to be in harmony with.  We receive about 1 and a quarter gallon of milk a day.  There has been cheese, ice cream, soup, sauces and cream puffs created with this delicious milk, and soap and butter are soon to come.   The goats are happy and well taken care of.  They love being outside, eating apples and taking long walks up the hill into the woods behind the farm.  They’ve added a quality of slowness to my lifestyle that is much needed and appreciated, as they need and deserve a certain amount of time for me to be available, to walk with them, feed them, brush them, milk them and make sure they are comfortable and happy.

Another aspect of growth that has occurred at the farm is how the beds are being expanded, and the care of which they are being put to rest.  Our compost is ready for spreading, beautiful dark humus, that is layered thoughtfully on the ground, around our perennial herbs, on our annual bed rows with other organic materials to make the weeding in the spring lighter and easier on our bodies, and easier for the plants to really flourish.  Spring flower bulbs were planted, and garlic was planted in abundance and celebration as we had a small planting party with friends and family this October.

Tyler started working on a geodesic dome, which he already has labored intensely on, and I’m excitedly awaiting the chance to help and witness in his construction.  More news to come on that, as the creation takes shape, and his vision is witnessed and supported.

As the sleepy season of less daylight comes upon us, the farm is growing in leaps and bounds. This place on our earth, named over thirty years ago as Tweefontein, fills its inhabitants with life, warmth, creativity and a desire to know how to take care of our earth in better, more sustainable ways.

Hope this finds you warm, full from Thanksgiving and filled with life’s blessings



Herbal Sorbet

I don’t know where to begin with this product.  It is so simple, so complex in flavor, so different, so delicious.  We always get a lot of questions about this product at market.  Is it sw
eet?  What’s in it?  What does it look like?  Can I taste it?  We are currently expirementing with our flavors but offer these flavors on a rotating basis:  Rosemary and lemon, lavender and peppermint, chamomile and honey, sage and applemint and lemon verbena and thyme.  These are dairy free, treats made with organic sugar.  As the original herbal sorbet sign Ann made says, it’s “very very delicious.”

Spring 2010 #3 134

Herbal Cookies

These are sooooo good!

Returning to Union Square: An Awaited Delight

With thunderstorms rolling in at 4:30 am my alarm went off on Saturday morning.  The house had been a dizzy blur of energy and preparedness the night before: pestos freshly being made, herbs harvested, labels perfected, van loaded and supplies checked and checked again.  Waking up I heard the rain pouring down.  Still lying in bed I could visualize the windows down in our market van.  

The van was packed and loaded in less than an hour, Ashley M. and I were all set to go with towels on our wet seats and doing one more final check in with each other before we left.

 ”Did you get the fresh herbs?”

“yep… did you get the honey water?”

“its there too.”

Arriving in the busy market square my stomach fluttered just as it had my first day at market the last year.  Looking onto a sea of white and blue tents, piles of produce, big box trucks -it seemed so small in our little mini-van.  But this year was different.  I was confident, riding high on the spirit and good wishes of my beloved housemates who had poured so much love into their market prepping the night before.

It wasn’t long before our regulars found us, welcoming us back with large smiles and even hugs.  Our products were accepted gratefully, with talk of last years batches of pestos and garlic pastes just being finished from the freezers.  We are so grateful for the support of our city community of Union Square.

And so we are back, our family here has grown and we are ready to share it with our New York City supporters.  We anticipate a successful season, and having many of our dear ones, both close to home and a little farther enjoy the fruits of our labors.  Come stop by, have a cup of tea with us!

What we offered at our Union Square Market this week:
*Fresh Herbs (Applemint, oregano, comfrey) 

*3 Pestos: Spinach and Sunflower Seeds, Arugula with Pine Nuts and Parmagiano  and Kale with Walnuts.

*Garlic Paste: Plane or with Fresh Oregano

*Herbed Teas: 5 varieties; Ginger Cayenne (Iced), Lavender Mint (Hot and Iced), Peppermint (Iced), Basil Mint (Iced), Lemonbalm (Hot)

*Soaps: Goat milk based with lavender and oatmeal or mint and basil flowers

*Salves: Our healing salve in either lavender, rosemary, calendula and mint

*Wild Flowers: featuring wild flox

Spring’s Newest Seedlings!


Our newest additions


With whole support from the full moon our sweet farm cat gave birth to five healthy kittens on Thursday, April 29th. One of the rooms at the farm (formally a dining room) was recently turned into our seed production room; fully equipped with a germination chamber and lighted seed table. Our cat decided the bottom of this seed start table would be nothing more than perfect for a dark cool private place to give birth. There she’s been for the past three days, nursing, eating, purring, and giving herself up to five crawly kittens.  

The joys of spring are prolific at Tweefontein, each activity leads us to be united in feelings of wonder, awe and a sense of stewardship.  We look forward to sharing in these spring gifts with our friends at Union Square next weekend, as our trips to market begin as well!


Herb Farm Extravaganza!

Come celebrate the start of a new season with all of us at Tweefontein Herb Gardens!

Read More…

Full Moon at the Farm

full moon at the barn

Market Scene: The Absolute Best of Union Square Greenmarket

Tweefontein Herb Farm; Voted best drink at Union Square Greenmarket 2009 by New York Serious Eats

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