The Land

Tweefontein Herb Farm rests on nine beautiful acres in the foothills of the majestic Shawangunk Mountains. The current incarnation of Tweefontein has worked tirelessly since 2009, after years of the farm laying fallow and in disrepair. Cutting back overgrowth, discovering luscious soil beneath layers of thorny brush and weeds and replanting herbs, flowers, and vegetables in their stead has been a labor of love for the collective of young farmers.

Twee’s perenial gardens boast rows of lavender, rosemary, calendula, oregano, sage, chamomile, anise hyssop, applemint, English Ivy peppermint, comfrey, beebalm, and more. Beneath the perennials, between the Childrens’ Garden, Goddess Garden, and additional medicinal beds lies the beautiful vine laced arbor. Host to a shading blend of trumpet vine, wysteria, and akebia vine, the arbor is an exquisite place for meetings, skill shares, and gatherings of all kinds. Come spring our gardens boast a multitude of vibrantly colored and intoxicatingly fragrant roses nursed by founder Ann Salomon  herself  over twenty years ago. One of the largest crops flourishing on the land is an heirloom garlic variety that is harvested and hung from the high lofts of the century old dairy barn.

The homestead at Tweefontein Herb Farm is a rustic white farmhouse fashioned in the English Country and Greek Revival styles, comfortably housing the eight Twee Farmers, their two cats and two dogs.  Although the house has all modern ammenities the Twee Farmers prefer to enjoy the solar showers in the garden and use of the outdoor composting Privy they cleverly converted from an old smokehouse.  Although comfortable couches and a dining room outfitted with church pews lies just inside, you’ll mostly find the farmers lounging on the front porch, a breezy sanctuary blessed with a multitude of flowers, climbing plants, and the frequent visits of a pair of nesting hummingbirds. Join them there on Sundays from 10am to 4pm for their open hours.

With growth comes expansion and additional structures have been raised on the farm. A standard hoop house outfitted with a woodstove that the farmers feed in shifts throughout the cold March nights allow the seedlings to flourish.  The Chicken Palace, a hand crafted wooden chicken coup houses the talkative, breakfast producing ladies and a very handsome Rooster. Russian Carniolan bees have grown along side the farmers producing some delicious wild flower honey and the pleasure of supporting a struggling population of incredible and essential creatures.






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Tweefontein is located at: 4 Jenkins Road New Paltz, NY 12561 United States of America